Handbrake Check Top Tread Tyres


Test the operation of the handbrake.

Make sure that your Handbrake works by pulling away slowly and applying it to make sure that it slows the car.
The handbrake should stop the car from rolling on a hill.

When you pull up the handbrake count the clicks.
There should be around 6 clicks before it is fully engaged.
If there is excessive travel or hardly any travel then you might need to adjust it.
This is usually done at the rear drum or disc but varies from model to model.

You can usually see an inspection hole near to where the cable enters the hub and a cog with ratchet like action that can be turned by inserting a screw driver into the inspection hole and pushing the driver against the spline to ratchet the cog and apply more adjustment.
Also check that the handbrake cannot be released by wobbling the handbrake from side to side.
Only pushing the button at the end should release it.

Make sure the the whole assembly is solid and that the lever mountings are secure.

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